​Bringing SF Products to Reality: Recent Developments & Remaining Prerequisites: A discussion of technologies, recent developments, and specific products that illustrate cases where scientists, engineers, and companies have recently brought science fiction to reality. It will go where the discussion leads, but we are prepared to discuss areas such as Faster Travel, Reliable Communications, Comfort, Safety, Weaponry and Energy. Near term and longer term possibilities will be explored and expectations will be reviewed. 

NASA Now: Fostering Near Earth Orbital Space Commercialization: A review of the contracts with commercial companies and the breakthroughs being made while NASA concentrates on other activities. How will this affect other space missions, manufacturing, and what hurdles still need to be overcome. 

Extremophiles A Case for Aliens: This presentation reviews the conditions on the Earth where extremophiles thrive and compares their world to other world’s environments. 

It was once SciFi…Now it’s not: Formed on a continuation of the bringing SF products to reality but updated o include new discoveries and extended descriptions on products such as the Space Elevator & Computerized cars. 

Mars-The challenges & plan formation: An interactive presentation where existing plans are discussed & together a plan is made on whether to make it a one way trip, round trip, decisions on methods to protect from radiation, etc…

NASA Takes On The Galaxy: In this presentation we explore the various worlds being considered for colonies and the challenges colonists & NASA face. We start our journey with the moon, a Bigelow AeroSpace inflatable BA 330; inflatable space-station en route to our next colony, Mars, perhaps another weigh station before we arrive at Europa, then Titan, and then let's consider the moons of the ALPHA CENTAURI-Binary system. AND then Gliese 667C----Constantly updated as various plans are updated, some are rewritten and new technologies and propulsions are worked out!

The Science of Superman - Starting with the history of Superman & his powers, following with how his powers COULD exist, and then using Physics some scenes from recent movies and the true life consequence are explored.

MARS IMPENDING - A new plan, a new method that takes us to Phobos by 2033 over to Mars by 2039. ASO - a quick look at some other countries plans and then some advances in propulsion etc. that could impact current plans.

Nasa Photos

Mary Louise has given a number of Science presentations some at the conventions where she has been a guest and some at events. She continues to give them and develop new ones.